Reduce Waste – Top 3 Epic Recycling Resources

Finding ways to lead a greener, less wasteful life can be difficult. With work, home, family, friends and pets to think about, even basic recycling can sometimes be at the bottom of our to-do lists. An increased awareness of our environmental impact makes it more important than ever for us all to do something to make a difference. You might be surprised how a small change can have a big impact.


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To help you get started, we’ve chosen 3 home-friendly epic recycling resources jam-packed with ideas, inspiration and practical solutions.

Start your recycling journey today!

1. Recycle Now

A great place to start for general advice on all things recycling. Wondering how to recycle aerosols? Confused about how to dispose of out-of-date medicines? Got a broken toaster taking up space in your cupboards? Comprehensive guides help you find out what to do with a host of different items. Consider donating, selling or swapping items you no longer use or need. Find out how you can reduce junk mail dropping through the letterbox. You can also find out more about local recycling facilities with a simple postcode search. A wealth of articles and links will get you started on your journey to reduced waste.

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2. Love Food Hate Waste

Tackling food waste is a massive issue. In 2015, households threw 7.3 million tonnes of food into landfill, costing the average family around £700 a year. Rising food costs mean making the most of what we have is key to many families. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to help people make the most of food. This not only has a positive impact on the environment but can also save you money. Tips and recipes will give you the ideas and inspiration you need to make the most of the foods you have and reduce what is thrown away. From batch cooking to shopping seasonally and composting there is something for everyone to try. Many supermarkets are taking food waste on board by donating unsold food to food banks and aiming to reduce what is thrown into landfill. Together we can all reduce waste and increase recycling.

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3. Love Your Clothes

On average, households in the UK spend £588 per year on clothing and only wear around 70% of what they own. Every year around £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfill, causing damage to the environment and adding up to a huge amount of wasted money. There are many ways clothing and textiles can be reused and recycled and Love Your Clothes aims to inform consumers about all the options available. Including tips on upcycling, selling unworn items, disposing of unwanted clothes and buying ethically, the website will inspire you to make changes to both your buying and your recycling habits for textiles. You will also find information on local events where you can learn more about upcycling and reusing your clothes. All these changes, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on the environment, making your lifestyle eco-friendly.

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These epic everyday recycling resources are just the start of your journey to an eco-friendly life. Use the resources to aim for a less wasteful life with recycling and reusing at its heart.


Congratulations on making more conscious choices!  Today, you can feel good about the positive impact your actions will have on your life and the lives of others.