What are eco-friendly products?

No man is an island” claims the famous John Donne poem.

It’s as true now as it was when it was written in 1624.

Eco-friendly means earth-friendly, or not harmful to the environment.

Eco-friendly products are also known as green products, and they’re good in the short term and long term for the bigger picture, meaning safe for everyone and everything they come into contact with: people, animals and the environment.

Eco-friendly Products

Eco-friendly products can be brand-new and made from scratch, sustainably. This means successfully sourcing these new materials without having a negative impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly products can also be produced using recycled materials, and swapping new materials for recycled materials can have a positive impact on the earth and reduce waste.

Support eco-friendly

Eco-friendly products can actually help conserve precious resources like water, energy and the rainforests. They can also reduce pollution and waste pollution and they are not harmful in their production, use or disposal.

By using eco-friendly products, you can minimise the emission of greenhouse gases, and minimise the need for unsustainable materials or ingredients, at the same time.

You’re safe in the knowledge that there’s no toxicity or pollution to the environment from your usage.

We have recently seen a large increase in Eco-friendly business, who pride themselves on having a green heart. These innovative businesses, who, through the creation of green products and sharing strong brand ethics, are currently questioning their own environmental footprint, challenging environmental issues and trying to reduce the over all carbon footprint.

Become more eco-friendly

There are simple ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the planet.

There’s a common misconception that using eco-friendly products takes a lot of time, effort and money. However, once you know where to buy these products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised because they don’t cost more money and they won’t take any more time to use either.

We can all start to change our shopping habits quickly and easily. Look into what green products exist, and start by replacing one usual product with an eco-friendly version, and each time something runs out buy the greener version!

Going green doesn’t have to be difficult. You can even have a go at creating some earth friendly products at home.

Very soon you’ll have a household that is conscious, eco and good for planet earth.

The key to making your home more eco-friendly is to start small and gradually build upon it.

You should be the change you want to see and lead by example; encourage your friends and family to share your journey and perhaps they’ll start being more eco-friendly too.

Small Changes make a Big Difference… a little note to all our lovely readers…

We value the environment and we know you do too. So, through ecoBip, we have been thinking carefully about what we can do to encourage greener changes and eco-consciousness to all of our viewers.

Every little change helps to make the earth a better, greener, cleaner place.

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