Cork Yoga Mat

Unite a healthy body and mind with a healthy planet.

Introducing the premium cork yoga mat, made by CorkYogis. 

For all those trying to find their zen amongst the flow of unkind and unfriendly products, we introduce the premium cork yoga mat from CorkYogis, specially designed for those in search of better.

Premium Yoga Mat CorkYogis


Launched in April 2016 and based in the UK, CorkYogis appeared on popular British TV show, Dragons Den, where founder Lara Sengupta took to the spotlight, showcasing her passion for yoga.

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Made with environmental and social purpose.

CorkYogis consciously consider every aspect of their business.

By harvesting eco-friendly cork in Portugal and working closely with a women’s charity in India, CorkYogis successfully leverage their ethical values, supporting and connecting communities in the East and West.


CorkYogis make donations from all their sales to Indian charity, Destiny Foundation, who build futures for vulnerable women in eastern communities. 


Improve yoga practise

CorkYogis have produced a premium yoga mat that actually improves the everyday yoga practice.

Made from natural material harvested from trees, the premium mat lends its users a comforting 5mm cushion, perfect for extra protection, extra support, and disguising any uneven surfaces.

“Our natural cork mats provide the perfect natural surface to help you generate and conserve energy during your spiritual practice.” 

Lara, CorkYogis.

“There are huge technical advantages of cork that means it hugely outperforms its rubber and plastic counterparts”

Given the ethos of yoga, isn’t it strange that we practice on plastic?

Premium Cork Yoga Mat from CorkYogisWhy Use Cork

done Cork is a natural elastic, meaning it’s highly flexible, perfect for those bendy moments.

done Cork provides a natural grip that increases with moisture, so you can sweat more!

done Cork has amazing shock-absorbing capacity and unlimited durability, you’ll be ready for that extra push.

done Cork has natural antibacterial properties and is resistant to dust, making it a great option for those with allergies. Cork is easy to clean, and doesn’t absorb smells!

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Cork Yoga Mat on ecoBipCork is making a positive environmental Impact.

Cork is 100% natural, recyclable and renewable.

It’s production is friendly and sustainable.

“We use cork because of its natural beauty, technical advantages and ethical sustainability” Lara, CorkYogis.

For the conscious yogi looking to improve yoga practise, balance a greener life and influence social purpose, corkYogis is committed to the cause.

Thanks CorkYogis! xx

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