Plant Your Lollipop

Sweet Sustainable Lollipops

When was the last time you ate a lollipop?

Think back to your childhood. The sunny outdoors? A kids party? Do you think of eating party-rings? De-Crusted triangle sandwiches? Jelly and ice-cream with sprinkles on top?

Accompanying sticky fingers with green fingers, (adults invited too!) today we can learn how to grow a plant from a natural, organic, seed-bearing lollipop.

seed bearing lollipops with flowers

Photo Courtesy: Heather Collins

Eat, Plant, Love Amborella Organics

Amborella Organics founders, Brennan and Taylor, travelled together on the idea that a seed-bearing lollipop would enable kids and adults to share special moments directly connected to nature.

Eco-friendly lollipops and flowers

Photo Courtesy: Heather Collins


The lollipops heirloom seed sits within the biodegradable stick that once planted, sprouts a herb or flower related to the lollipops organic flavours which cleverly couple; Vanilla & Hibiscus, Rosemary & Mint, and Lavender and Lemongrass, just to name a few.

Find Your Flavour. 

Since launching their product in March 2016, this playful planting has captured our imagination.

“As for how many seeds we’ve sown, there are too many to count!”

“We love gardening and are always testing out new seeds to ensure we can grow them before releasing them out into the world.”

Taylor Morgan, Amborella Organics.

Originating in America, Amborella Organics now stocks its lollipops across Europe, including Italy, and the U.K.

Green Meets Genius

Boasting all natural-organic ingredients, Amborella Organics are currently sourcing a biodegradable lollipop wrapper. The company promotes circular thinking methods and supports zero-waste.

“This has been the most challenging aspect of being zero-waste for us, as we have no artificial preservatives and have battled with shelf life when it comes to many biodegradable alternatives.”

– Taylor Morgan, Amborella Organics.

Amborella Organics considers its teachings about the environment a top priority.

“Today we are grateful that our lollipop has become a symbol of sustainability— both in terms of the relationships we have with one another and the relationship we forge with nature.”

“We’re proud that we have healthy ingredients, heirloom seeds, and an environmentally friendly product that for many has become an entryway to growing a herb/flower for the first time.”

– Taylor Morgan, Amborella Organics

Is your flavour organic, sweet and sustainable?

Amborella Organics are working hard to bring international shipping to the current website. All international orders are dealt with via email.

For questions on international shipping, email Taylor:

Photo Courtesy: Heather Collins

eco-friendly lollipops flavour selection

Brennan and Taylor on Amborella Organics