The Mooncup Obsession

Women of the world, we have the winning cup.

Introducing the Mooncup, a hypoallergenic reusable menstrual cup.

Centered around delivering a better product to women, and a better product for the environment, this clever little cup is revolutionary for all women who are sick of toxic tampons and plastic-heavy pads.


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Made in the UK, and the first of its kind, the Mooncup brand has been telling eco-friendly stories since the year 2000, first appearing on a stall at the green futures field, at Glastonbury Festival in 2002.

Mooncup bagged its very first Brighton based high-street seller within the same year of selling at Glastonbury, opening the doors of opportunity for the now award-winning international brand.

Catch the Cup Obsession

The Mooncup offers the consumer practicality, and purpose.

Certified Vegan, Mooncup was the first sanitary product manufacturer to be officially certified as an Ethical Business.

Mooncup also works alongside charity organisations in neighbouring countries, helping to improve circumstances for women where access to sanitary is limited.


done Swim, Exercise and Sleep while wearing your Mooncup.

done Wear your Mooncup for up to 8 hours, or longer.


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The Benefits of Mooncup

The reusable menstrual cup is toxic free, made from medical grade silicone and easy to keep clean at home, simply wash with warm water.

When purchasing your Mooncup you receive a little cotton bag, keeping it neatly (and discreetly) tucked away, until necessary.

“Inserting your Mooncup is easy, and wearing one is even easier, you hardly remember you’re wearing it.”

“The Mooncups simplistic, light-weight design will leave you seamlessly protected, feeling cleaner, fresher and more confident during your cycle.”

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Mooncup menstrual cup on ecoBip

Mooncup is making a positive environmental impact.

With useful results for women, and with one cup lasting up to ten years, this radical cup eradicates plastic-waste and stops toxic sanitary items from entering the environment.

“Just 1 of us will use more than 11’000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime.”  Mooncup, UK.

Inspired by mother nature herself, and with the earth in mind, the Mooncup is dedicated to doing better for our planet and our women.

Thanks, Mooncup! xx

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